Reimbursement schedule tips

June 13, 2024
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Looking for the latest reimbursement schedules? There are two ways you can view them:


After signing into MyDentalCoverage, select “Schedule of Allowances.” The provider’s name will populate at the top of the page. Below, under “Your Participating Networks,” it will list the available fee schedules as PDF links.

For technical support, please call Dental Electronic Services at 1-800-633-5430.

Availity Essentials

Once you log in to Availity Essentials, navigate to “Payer Spaces,” then select “Fee Schedule Inquiry.”

To access the reimbursement schedule, select a payer and enter your:

  • Organization

  • Tax ID

  • National Provider Identifier (Type I NPI)

  • Date of service

You can view more tips on Availity Essentials by selecting: Help & Training>Find Help>Fee Schedules and Help & Training>Get Trained>Fee Schedules - Training Demo.

For technical support, please call 1-800-282-4548.